Theme 3/3

As the book draws to an end you realize that these “higher then high rollers” don’t nearly have as much as they precede to have. Jay Gatsby, one of the Richest persons in New York emotionally and mentally has nothing. All he wants in life is his dear Daisy and with out her he feels like he has nothing. Tom, the man that likes to compete with Jays wealth and class, has valuables all over the house but begins to realize his wife is slipping his grasps and than begins to question how he’s living his life. Along with Daisy who has two of New Yorks richest men cries her self to sleep every night due to her husband or because she doesn’t know what to do when it comes to her and her two lovers. So as i read this book i realized that these rich rich men don’t have happiness and that money can’t get you everything.

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