Reading note book 2/2

As the book continues on the relationships between characters begin to become more and more complicated. Daisy realizes how much Tom doesn’t appreciate her and how much of an awful husband he’s been. She thinks back at the time in which her and Jay Gatsby were nearly engaged and begins to fall in love with him again, with out letting her husband Tom know. Nick knows whats going on with Daisy and Jay and in a manor likes it. Nick doesn’t really like Tom either and thinks his cousin Daisy needs a man like Jay. The parties at Jay’s began to stop and his relationship began to bloom. Daisy is hesitant with Jay and still doesn’t fully know if she can commit to Jay and leave her husband Tom. Jay learns Daisy has a child but daisy ignores to child and just focuses on Jay, her true love. One day the group goes into town and Tom realizes whats going on and starts accusing Jay of being fake and running corrupt illegal operations in New York. Jay and Tom begin to yell and everyone else int he room just watch. Tom doesn’t believe that Daisy doesn’t love him like Jay exclaims.

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